Short-Term Assistance
We are taking the following steps to provide urgent, high-impact assistance to our agents and insureds:

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Imperial PFS Immediately Helps Small-to-Mid-Size Business

  • We are proactively waiving all late fees for your small-to-mid-size business insured accounts ($50,000 annual premium)
  • Fees will be waived from March 15, 2020 – April 30, 2020
  • IPFS wants to save you time so you don't have to contact us for these insureds.
  • For other accounts affected by COVID-19, please contact your Imperial PFS branch to discuss
    your options

Agent Guidance: Negotiating with Insurance Companies for your Insureds

There are several options to modify your insureds coverage so Imperial PFS can apply return premiums to the next payment or spread out savings for the remaining loan term:
  • Hold Coverage Earning: We recommend you request the insurance company place a hold on coverage earnings to assist your insured. Once completed, contact your Imperial PFS branch to modify the payment terms by spreading the payment over the extended policy period.
  • Modify Coverage: Request the insurance company to modify coverage(s) for your insured.  Coverage adjustments are normal in this period of inactivity and may result in return premium. Once completed, contact your Imperial PFS branch to apply the return premium to the next installment or several installments evenly to spread out for savings for remaining loan term.
  • Request Accelerated Earnings Modification: Request modification on policies with high minimum earneds or accelerated earnings to help reduce their payment obligations. Once completed,  contact your Imperial PFS branch to request modification to the remaining installments on the loan. 
  • Combination: Any combination of the above guidance will help your insureds navigate successfully through the business challenges of COVID-19 with Imperial PFS.
Email us the information, IPFS account number and name at to allow us to assist you with your insured’s loan and the insurance company(ies).   

Cancellation Avoidance

  • We have a full set of services to help avoid cancellations. Click here
  • Agents can place accounts on hold for up to nine days and make payments on your loan
  • Your insureds have up to 30 days after their payment due date to make their payment. Please contact your branch to make arrangements for your insured. 
  • Please call your Imperial PFS branch for assistance with your insured's premium finance loan and the insurance company(ies)

For additional consultation, please contact your Imperial PFS branch for assistance.

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